Diving Pattaya

diving in Pattaya - koh larn - tucatravelPattaya and scuba diving

The city is located about 150km south of Bangkok and is famous for partys and sex tourism center. But even in such a crazy place you can find interesting places to visit and some of them are located under the surface of the water.

Diving near Pattaya is famous for wrecks, of which there are few of them. In addition, there are two groups of islands here; closer and further. Dives are usually not deep (except for wrecks) and are also a great place to start your adventure with diving, for example, taking part in the discover scuba diving program, which is prepared for people who have never had anything to do with scuba diving.

Pattaya is not an ideal place, but despite some negatives, you can spend wonderful moments here, which can be evidenced by the growing number of tourists who visit this place every year and their number has already exceeded 6 million.

It is worth changing your plans a bit if you have not planned to look here. You will not regret it if you spend a few days here and in return you will get to know one of the most recognizable places in Thailand. And it’s all less than 2 hours away from Bangkok which makes some people come here to make a dive and in the late afternoon they return to their hotels in the capital of Thailand.