About me

Pawel WielochaThe first time I came to Thailand a few years ago. Country captivated me so much that I decided to change my live and move to Asia. This came a year later, and since then every day I soak up the Thai culture and customs prevailing here. And although I miss my beloved Wroclaw and longing for family and friends, I do not regret the decision i’ve made.
I am a PADI dive instructor and I love my passion to teach others. I have an incredible burst of energy when I take people for their first time under the water and after emerging see the delight on their faces and eyes full of fascination with the newly-established world.
While teaching I am a very patient person which is often appreciated and pointed out as a very big plus. For me patience while teaching scuba diving is not something difficult, because for me enormous pleasure to impart knowledge and share my passion.

I teach and make dives mostly around the city of Pattaya and koh Chang where I live, but I can help you organize dives throughout Thailand.

If you want to learn more about me click on the image and show up on my fb. I assure you that with each of u i will be glad to talk.